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Context-Based Research Group is seeking cultural anthropologists for short-term, ethnographic research projects around the world. Collaborating with trained ethnographers and using a variety of ethnographic approaches, Context assists companies and non-profit institutions in better understanding the experience of their constituents. We provide the anthropological insight organizations need to stay connected and responsive to the people whose interests they serve.

In the past year, Context employed over 125 cultural anthropologists around the world in jobs that utilized their ethnographic skills. Context Research jobs are multifaceted, interesting and explore a wide range of topics and issues. Recent studies have included: women's attitudes about the outdoors; an exploration of the role of interactive media in American households; an ethnography of wine communities around the United States; a global ethnography of wireless Internet use; and research on youth social issues and sexuality.

Context Research jobs are well organized and structured for researchers and provide a creative outlet for ethnographers and participants alike. Anthrojob contracts also are a good opportunity for researchers to expand research areas, hone skills, while also making valuable contacts with other researchers in diverse fields.

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Context Research is always looking for new talent for both full-time entry-level Ethnographer/Analyst positions as well as experienced Research Director/Analyst positions to design and lead projects with clients. Click here to see a full description and apply for a position.

If you have any questions, e-mail anthro@contextresearch.com. If you have the appropriate experience for one of our jobs, Context may contact you.

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